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eBook Formatting Pricing


Our formatting fees are based on receiving a clean manuscript document from you that has already been through at least 2 levels of editing (developmental editing, line editing, or copy editing).
For ebooks, we embed your cover art, create a custom style sheet, and insert a logical advanced navigation, and you also get a Kindle book and an ePub file (an ePub is the industry standard ebook format played by virtually every ereader not named “Kindle”).


If you’ve got a manuscript in Word, WordPerfect, RTF, or some other readily workable native text format (there is an additional charge for InDesign):

  • Under 15,000 words: $125.00
  • 15,001 to 40,000 words: $150.00
  • 40,001 to 100,000 words: $200.00
  • More than 100,001 words: Custom Quote, with $225.00 minimum


Non-fiction, poetry, children’s books, comic books, screenplays, etc.

Because of their additional complexity, we work up custom quotes for all nonfiction, poetry, children’s books (flowable), comic books, screenplays, and otherwise heavily formatted and/or illustrated books.
Minimum: $250

Deposits and Payment Terms

We require a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the quoted price to hold a spot on our schedule. Once we’ve both agreed to move forward and a delivery date for a first pass has been decided, we’ll issue an invoice to hold your date and consider the date booked once we’ve received payment.
We accept valid debit/credit card payments via PayPal or Square, certified bank checks, or ACH only. Cash, electronic checks (eChecks), and personal checks are not accepted.
If you cancel the project at any time, for any reason, we will assess a cancellation fee equal to the amount remaining on the invoice or $85 per hour for the number of hours worked on the project to date, whichever is less. We reserve the right to waive this deposit for authors with whom we have an existing relationship.

Corrections and Updates

One round of corrections is included in the fee.
Correcting errors caused by us and/or our process are done at no additional charge to you.
During the production process, author-initiated alterations—including but not limited to re-writes and revisions, correcting typos, and other fixes or updates that originate from the manuscript as submitted to us—are billed accordingly:

  • Five (5) or fewer: No charge
  • Six (6) or more: $25 per title plus $1.50 per alteration
  • Post-production, author-initiated alterations are billed accordingly: $25 per title plus $1.50 per alteration.
  • Adding, subtracting or rearranging content—such as back and/or front matter pages, sample chapters, chapter re-writes, cover changes—is billed at our regular hourly rate plus $25 per title, regardless of whether a project is in production or in post-production.

In cases where an author has extensive alterations, it may be faster and less expensive to start the production process again using a new, corrected manuscript. Depending on the types of alterations, this tipping point can be as few as five pages. If, during your review, you think you’re going to reach that tipping point, stop the review and contact your designer and project manager to discuss the best route forward.


25440372_sTables, images and other formatting elements

If your manuscript has images, tables, number/bullet lists, a linked bibliography, index, or other formatting elements, we calculate those items accordingly:

  • Because of the inconsistent support and implementation of tables with e readers, these require considerable effort to ensure a useful experience for people who buy your ebook. In some cases we can create tables natively in XHTML. In most cases, however, the best solution is to convert tables to images or—in the case of text-heavy tables—recast them as block-style paragraphs. The price per table is $15, regardless of size and/or the amount of data within each.
  • The first 10 images and your cover are included in our standard pricing. After that, images are $30 per block of 20. For example, if you have between 11 and 30 images total, it’s $30 extra. Between 31 and 50 images, it’s $60 extra. And so on.
  • From time-to-time, it may be necessary for us to re-make poor-quality image assets, such as charts and graphs created using Microsoft Word’s drawing tools. We charge $10 per image in these cases.
  • Other formatting elements are $30 per block of 20. For example, if you have between 1 and 20 elements total, it’s $30 extra. Between 21 and 40 elements, it’s $60 extra. Between 41 and 60, it’s $90 extra. And so forth.