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Like the Stevie Wonder song, “these three words”
describe who we are and what we do:

Detroit – We are a global company headquartered in Detroit.

Ink – We are a group of four experienced writers, editors, college professors, and journalists—with over 120 years of combined experience; we’ve generated a lot of ink.

Publishing – That is what we do—everything needed for publishing your manuscripts.


Detroit Ink Publishing started out, not as a publishing business, but as a writers’ mastermind group. Three creative guys who were longtime friends—Keith, Robert, and Cornelius—met monthly to explore ideas, encourage each other to finish writing projects, and research ways to get their work out to the public. In 2012, these three accomplished men made one of the best decisions in their lives: they invited Keith’s wife, Pamela Hilliard Owens, an experienced academic and business writer and editor to join the Mastermind group. Since Pam had already started a very successful writing and editing business in 2008, Writing It Right For You, and already had worked with several authors, she immediately turned the mastermind group into a publishing business, and Detroit Ink Publishing was launched.



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