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OUR RATES - These rates have been adjusted; please contact us for the updated rates while we complete the redesign of this page.

Author Platform and Website $1,500.00 (minimum)

A Customized Price Range (Includes up to one hour Skype consultation)
  • About/Bio Page
  • Contact Information
  • Email Signup
  • Testimonials
  • Books, Products, and Services Offered
  • Blog
  • News and Events
  • Media Kit, Including Press Release
  • Video Book Trailer

Manuscript Development Services: $250.00—up to two hours

  • One-on-one Skype (or face-to-face for local) consultation and assistance for unfinished manuscripts
  • Theme/Genre Identification
  • Outlining Assistance
  • Up to 300 pages; $50 additional per 5 pages ($1,250 words)
  • $25 additional for evening or weekend appointments
  • Editing and/or proofreading not included

Manuscript Critique

Manuscript Critique Completed Manuscript
  • $200 plus 20-minute Skype Call for ≤ 100 pages
  • $400 plus 40-minute Skype Call for ≤ 200 pages
  • $600 plus 60-minute Skype Call for ≤ 300 pages
  • $200 additional (plus 20-minute Skype Call) for each ≤ 100 pages
Includes: full manuscript read-through, theme/Genre suggestions, structural suggestions, margin comments and written critique of manuscript (3-5 pages) for ≥250 page manuscript

Manuscript Assessment: $199.00 (50% of fee refunded with purchase of Editing Package—Copy Editing, Substantive Editing, or Developmental Editing >75K words)

  • Preliminary diagnostic process to determine recommended levels of manuscript editing needed.
  • 1,000 - 2,500 words (4 - 10 pages with 250 words/page)

Ghostwriting Services $125/page (Minimum 80 Pages)

  • Interviews and Research
  • Planning and Outlining
  • Ghostwriting Original Content
  • Developmental Editing
  • (2) Rounds of Revisions with Track Changes
  • Book Cover Design
  • Final Proofreading
  • (Marketing Services are Additional)

Video Trailers $750.00

Advertise in advance using excerpts from your book. We will fully produce a video of 40-60 seconds including images and sound. The video format will be compatible with social media channels. In case it is needed, we will also provide support to upload/embed the file to different web outputs.

Press Release (Digital/Social Media)

We use an online press release service to distribute your press release to multiple social media outlets, RSS feeds, and syndicated news services. We setup a unique and branded newsroom for you that has links to all of your press releases, images, video, and social media profiles.

We interview you and/or the subject of your press release and write your press release for maximum SEO (search engine optimization) and exposure, compile all of the pictures and links, and then submit your press release for immediate distribution.

For the Starter, Gold, and Premium packages your press release will be distributed to Google News, 50+ news websites, all major social media outlets, and several RSS feeds. The Diamond Reach package adds distribution to Yahoo Finance and an additional 120+ news websites.

Starter Package — $150 per release
Gold Package — $400 (3 releases/month)
Premium Package — $700 (6 releases/month)
Diamond Reach Package — $300 per release


A synopsis is a 1-2 page summary of your manuscript that is used as a selling tool to a publisher or agent. After the edited manuscript is read, the draft of the synopsis is written in about six different stages, and then finalized for final submission. Included in the fee for this service is two rounds of corrections and/or minor changes. Non-fiction manuscripts, including narrative non-fiction, is more complicated, and therefore costs more.
<100K words: $300-fiction; $400-non-fiction.
101K - 150K words: $400-fiction; $500-non-fiction
151K - 200K words: $500-fiction; $600-non-fiction
Full payment is expected prior to project initiation.

Query Letter $550 (includes up to one hour phone, face-to-face, or Skype consultation and one round of revisions)

A query letter is a sales document with one purpose: to entice an agent or editor to read your completed novel or narrative nonfiction book (memoir, biography, autobiography). A query letter is written after your manuscript is completed, edited, and ready for publishing.

Book Proposal or Book Business Plan $2,500 - $4,500 (depending on length and complexity)

A book proposal and a book business plan are very similar. It is a document that shows that your book is a salable and marketable product. A book proposal is for external use—to send your nonfiction manuscript to an agent, while a book business plan is internal—a document for you to follow as you write and market your nonfiction or fiction book. Book proposals and business plans are not quick or easy to write. They take a lot of thought, time, and research to develop, and can range from 50 - 100 pages. They are, however, extremely important if you want to submit your manuscript to an agent and if you want a strong marketing foundation for yourself and your book, especially if you are self-publishing. If you are seeking a publishing contract through an agent, you should write your nonfiction book proposal first, and then write the entire book after you are offered a book publishing contract. If you are going to self-publish your book, you should write a book business plan for yourself before you write your book, as a marketing road map to follow as you write and finish your manuscript. Even the sketching out an outline of your book business plan helps you to solidify all of the elements your book needs to make it competitive in a crowded market. If you are pitching your book to an agent to present to prospective publishers, you should not expect the publisher to develop an audience for you. It is up to you to bring your own audience and author platform to your publisher. By the same token, it is even more important to begin the process of developing your audience, your marketing plan, and your author platform before or as your write your manuscript. Elements of a Book Proposal or Book Business Plan Each of the five sections of a book proposal or book business plan includes several components that are researched, compiled, and written.
  1. Mission Statement
  2. Market Research (including costs and budget)
  3. Goals and Objectives
  4. Distribution Strategies
  5. Marketing and Promotion

Editing Services

Copyediting (“Line Editing”) $12/page (250 words/page)

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • Usage
  • Consistency
  • Sequencing
  • Parallel Structure for Headings
  • Figures of Speech
  • Changing Passive to Active


Substantive Editing $16/page (250 words/page)

Includes everything in Copyediting, plus

  • Elimination of wordiness, triteness, jargon
  • Improving transitions and readability
  • Improving headlines and structure
  • Necessary additions and deletions

Developmental Editing $20/page (250 words/page)

Includes everything in Copyediting and Substantive Editing, plus

  • Checking for Factual Errors
  • Checking for Discrepancies
  • Tightening Story Lines
  • Review and Improvement of Opening and Closing
  • Check for Points of View

Proofreading (Using final manuscript and pre-published review book) $10/page (250 words/page)
Final check for errors, typos, pagination, Table of Contents, etc. Indexing Detroit Ink Publishing does not provide indexing services. If your book requires a detailed index, we will be glad to provide referrals of professional indexers, who have their own additional rates.

Formatting Services

Formatting of your edited manuscript is a detail-oriented and time-consuming process. The professionals at Detroit Ink Publishing work very hard with you to produce the best-looking final draft possible. You will be kept apprised of every step of the process. There are separate charges for print formatting and eBook formatting. Nonfiction manuscripts are more complicated, and therefore cost more.

If you contract for print formatting and eBook formatting at the same time, you will receive a 15% discount of the cost of the eBook formatting.

Cover Design: Includes front cover, back cover, and spine (depending on length of manuscript) by an experienced graphic artist. $250 - $500, depending on complexity of the design. One round of changes/corrections. You will be charged separately for the book cover design.

<200 pages:
Print Fiction: $250.00 Nonfiction: $350.00
eBook Fiction: $150.00 Nonfiction: $250.00

201 - 400 pages:
Print Fiction: $400.00 Nonfiction: $500.00
eBook: Fiction: $300.00 Nonfiction: $400.00

Over 401 pages: Customized fee

Included in the fees are these elements:
- Your choice of interior formatting template.
- Formatting and layout of manuscript interior for print-on-demand and/or eBook.
- Management of print-on-demand account and distribution.
- First Round of Author Proofreading
- Preview Copy of print book and/or eBook
- Final Round of Author Proofreading

Additional charges:
- 2-Way (print and eBook) Manuscript Template: $50.00
- ISBN: $125.00