Pricing & Payment Policies ‹ Detroit Ink Publishing, LLC


  • We charge by the project, not by the hour or word or page, although your customized pricing may be based on one or more of those metrics.

  • The team members of Writing It Right For You, Detroit Ink Publishing, and Your Business Your Brand Creatively provide professional services for which we charge professional fees.

  • Flat-fee pricing is based on our qualifications, our experience, and our expertise.

  • A contract and non-disclosure agreements will be mutually signed before work begins.

  • A deposit is required in advance of project initiation (full payment is due for projects of $500.00 or less).

  • Milestones will be set up in the project plan and submission of the partial or completed project for each milestone will occur only after payment is received.

  • All submissions must be sent and received electronically.

  • Additional project tasks and/or research hours may require additional charges.

  • Basic revisions (1-2) per project are included. Major revisions or changes are considered additional and may require an additional fee.

  • Project communications are primarily conducted by phone, Skype, email, and text/chat.

  • Final costs of each project depend on the complexity of the project and the estimated time for completion.

  • We reserve the right to add up to 20% to the final cost of the project for unforeseen project tasks or activities.

  • Invoices are submitted via our online invoicing application, and payments are expected as detailed in the invoice by clicking on the payment gateway link and paying the invoice with a valid credit or debit card. Business checks are accepted by prior approval only.