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Keith Owens

Keith Owens currently serves as the Deputy Director of Communications for the Wayne County Executive, a post he has held since January, 2018.


Prior to joining the staff of the Wayne County Executive, Keith Owens was the Senior Editor of the Michigan Chronicle for a little over two years. During his journalism career he has also worked for the Denver Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Ann Arbor News, the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, the Detroit Free Press, and the Detroit Metro Times. He was also a nationally syndicated columnist with Universal Press Syndicate for three years beginning in 1993.


Mr. Owens has also worked together with his wife of 20 years, Pamela Hilliard Owens, to maintain their three related businesses: Writing It Right For You, Detroit Ink Publishing, and Your Business Your Brand Creatively.


Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Mr. Owens has lived in Detroit since January, 1993, and is the author of four works of fiction: The Mayonnaise Murders, Part 1, The Mayonnaise Murders Part 2, Fire and Wanda, and the children’s book, Who Stole the Zmulobeast? He is currently at work on The Mayonnaise Murders Part 3, which will be the final volume of the trilogy. He has also worked as a professional musician for more than two decades and has performed at the Detroit Jazz Festival, the Windsor Blues Festival, and the International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Mayonnaise Murders

Who killed Johnny Beardy? On Planet 10, pork is fine but mayonnaise is illegal. Used as an essential ingredient in the highly addictive drug MayoMadd, mayonnaise has long been banned for the safety of the colonies which has been free of the MayoMadd craze for years. So then where did the mayonnaise come from? And who has enough pull to get it delivered to Planet 10? Or is somebody manufacturing it, and if so where are they getting the ingredients? Is sandwich spread really that important to a critter, and where does a dead rock start fit in all this? Trying to unravel the whole twisted affair could turn both Vid and Vee into wanted criminals just for playing too close to fire.

The Mayonnaise Murders Part 2

The saga continues as a crew of angry mutant chickens collaborate with the critters from Planet 10 and a group of ambitious drug dealers in Denver to inflict the alien drug MayoMadd upon a planet of unsuspecting humans as revenge on behalf of the human/chicken hybrids for an experiment that went horribly wrong. This is science fiction/fantasy/detective mystery with a lot of humor thrown in for one wild, offbeat ride.



Name: Robert Knotts

Date: February 21, 2013

Title: Talented Author, Fun Book

Keith Owens is an imaginative and talented writer who’s created a fun, enjoyable read. I’ve downloaded Part One and now want to make sure I get the whole book in paper copy format for my permanent collection. Thanks, Mr. Owens for your hard work to put this book together! Nice Work!


Name: Ester

Date: November 9, 2012

Title: A Far Out Mystery

The Mayonnaise Murders is an entertaining read. The constant quips of Vid, the futuristic Sam Spade type detective, will keep you laughing as you try to untangle the mystery of who killed Johnny Beardy. The colorful vocabulary Mr. Owens creates to describe the unique traits and habits of the usual characters of Planet 10 is try amazing.

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